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Limit Moisture Damage with Moisture Mapping Investigation Services

Moisture is the most important contributing factor for mold growth. Rapid information assists you in getting your moisture concerns addressed promptly. Identifying the source of the water intrusion quickly helps to limit your water damage, repair costs, and other associated costs. We perform a visual inspection looking for signs of moisture damage followed by the use of hand held instant read moisture measuring equipment such as moisture meters equipped with the appropriate probe for your building materials and infrared cameras.
Moisture mapping will assist in determining the source and extent of your moisture problems. Quick identification of the water source can help to limit your water damage and potential for mold growth. Visible mold growth, musty odors, water stains, discolorations and material deterioration are signs of moisture intrusions and moisture problems.

ET&T’s Moisture Investigation Services

  • Visual inspection for signs of water damaged building materials
  • Hand held moisture meters to determine if building materials are wet
  • Thermal imaging utilizing infrared camera (FLIR)
  • Non- penetration meter: (Tramex, Protimeter)
  • Penetration meter (Delmhorst, Protimeter)
  • Psychrometric measurements
  • Photo documentation
  • Data logging for relative humidity (RH) and temperature
  • On site consultation regarding findings at completion of the investigation
  • Written report including visual inspection, moisture mapping, photo documentation and repair recommendations if requested

ET&T’s highly qualified and experienced consultants use a multi task approach to investigate your moisture concerns. Moisture meters with different probes are utilized by the professional for moisture testing and moisture mapping. Moisture is the most important contributing factor for mold growth. No Moisture – No Mold.

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