Mold Testing and Inspections San Diego
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Why Choose ET&T For Indoor Air Quality Inspections?

Who We Are
ET&T has served the Southern California community since 1986 and has worked with thousands of businesses, home owners, physicians, insurance companies, law firms and government agencies from San Diego to the Bering Sea.

Our team of highly experienced, licensed and certified Indoor Air Quality professionals will serve you with our state of the art instrumentation.

We assist you in resolving todays problems and help you to prevent future issues through innovative problem solving and with practical solutions.

What We Do
Resolving today's Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems and preventing future issues through innovative problem solving and practical solutions is our goal. ET&T was founded in 1986 to provide an investigative and consulting service for indoor environmental problems in commercial and residential buildings. ET&T has been a leader in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) surveys and provided the first commonly available mold testing/consulting service in Southern California.

We have our own in-house environmental microbiology laboratory and therefore can provide you with a faster turn around time. Our lab is part of the American Industrial Hygiene Association's (AIHA) Environmental Microbiology Proficiency and Analytical Testing program (EMPAT #102790).

How We Do It
Our staff is highly experienced, skilled and trained, and uses state of the art instrumentation in our investigative work. We have conducted over 3,000 building surveys for business and building owners, property and risk managers, physicians, schools, hospitals, corporations, banks, lenders, federal, state and local governmental agencies, insurance companies, law firms, government agencies and the general public. We have conducted surveys from San Diego to the Bering Sea for our clients. ET&T has also established a network of affiliated experts throughout the United States, Canada and Europe to satisfy your project needs.

Meet Our Key Staff Members

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