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EMF / RF Testing Investigations

ET&T can answer your questions about EMF and RF exposure at your residence, commercial building, businesses or future building site. We test, measure, monitor, identify and analyze indoor and outdoor EMF and RF radiation levels and source identification.
EMF is low frequency electromagnetic fields are related to the wired electrical grid and power supply systems. Common EMF sources are power and transmission lines, internal building wiring system, electrical panels, transformers, motors and appliances. Elevated EMF fields are often caused by flaws in a buildings internal wiring system such as stray current traveling on water lines, gas lines or grounding systems.
RF is high frequency electromagnetic radiation is related to the use of wireless information and data transmission. Common RF sources are radio and television transmission, cell towers and antennas, portable phones and cell phones, wireless computer networks (WLAN) and radar equipment. In-house wireless network installations have become a significant source of RF radiation in our homes and offices.

ET&T’s Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Testing Services

  • Real estate transaction
  • Power line surveys
  • Cell site testing
  • Cell antenna measurements
  • Remote cell site emission monitoring systems
  • Building and property surveys
  • Low EMF and RF building design
  • EMF and RF shielding
  • Health and safety compliance

Our EMF and RF testing professionals are using state of the art calibrated instruments and spectrum analyzers to identify the specific frequencies present and the magnitude of the signals. We compare your building level to our local references values, international recommendations, guidelines and industry standards.
Although there is significant controversy about acceptable exposure levels, many scientists and organizations advocate taking a precautionary approach, which means creating low exposure environments. A healthy, green and environmentally friendly building should also be a low EMF/RF building. 
For more specific information on EMF and RF sources, testing methods and surveys, low EMF construction techniques and methods, EMF resources, links and papers, we have created a website dedicated to EMF and RF issues at

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