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Do You Have a Mold Problem Inside Your Carlsbad Home, Residence or Workplace?

Ask yourself these questions and find out if you really need to have a mold inspection and testing done at your Carlsbad property..

  1. Do you see mold growing inside your building or on your window frames?

  2. Do you have a moldy or musty smell where you live, work or on some of your belongings? 

  3. Have you had a water leak from your plumbing, roof, window, dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator or icemaker?

  4. Do you have health problems that get worse when you are at home or inside your workplace? 

  5. Does it feel damp inside all the time?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you may need a mold inspection! The sooner the better because the mold will continue to grow and spread if you don't take action!

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Carlsbad Mold Testing

ET&T specializes in mold testing for all types of properties in Carlsbad, CA from small apartments to homes to hotels to restaurants to biotech companies to commercial buildings to medical offices. A mold inspection is done for many reasons like the ones I asked you questions about earlier. Mold inspections and testing are also done for peace of mind that your home or workplace has good air quality. If you are buying or moving into a different home or building located in or near Carlsbad, we can help you find out if you need to be concerned about mold and the air quality inside the building.

ET&T has extensively worked with homeowners, tenants, home owner associations, property managers, realtors and attorneys. Our goal is to assist with mold and indoor air quality concerns to achieve and maintain good air quality in your residence and building.

We have close ties to Carlsbad as our field office was located in Carlsbad for many years. We are very familiar with the challenges of coastal communities including both new and older coastal structures and buildings on the ocean bluffs.  Although Carlsbad isn’t a huge city, there is quite a range of climates from the damp coastal areas to dryer inland regions.

For more information give us a call at 760-804-9400 or send us an email at

ET&T’s baseline mold inspections discover if you have a mold problem or not.  If you do have a mold problem, we can write the repair instructions for the mold remediation company to follow.  We also do post remediation verification inspections (clearance testing) to make sure the mold remediation company did their work correctly and got rid of the mold problem. The clearance report is very important.  It is your proof you have taken care of the mold problem and provides peace of mind for you, your tenants and employees.  As you can imagine, the clearance report is extremely import documentation, especially if you want to sell or rent your property.

Call 760-804-9400 to speak with an Indoor Air Quality Expert about your Carlsbad home, residence or workplace or send us an email at ET&T's Mold Inspection and Testing Services for Carlsbad California Include:

  • Baseline mold surveys (inspections)
  • Clearance testing (post remediation verification or PRV)
  • Remediation work plans
  • Project monitoring
  • Moisture mapping
  • Mold prevention plans
  • Real Estate transactions

ET&T’s comprehensive mold surveys are conducted by our mold inspectors, who are highly educated, trained, experienced and mold certified professionals. ET&T’s mold testing staff constantly maintains their mold certifications and continually enhances their mold education to supersede our competition and provide our customers excellent customer service with mold inspections second to none.

Call 760-804-9400 to speak with an Indoor Air Quality Expert about your Carlsbad home, residence or workplace or send us an email at

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