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Sewage Back Flow Loss Inspections

Accidental sewage back-flows and sewage spills into building are usually caused by a blockage or breakage of sewer lines. Sewer back-ups are termed a Category 3 water loss (ANSI/IICRC S500 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Restoration) and may contain a variety of bacteria, viruses and parasites.
Sewage back flow losses require professional cleaning and restoration methods. Affected building materials and contents need to be replaced or cleaned and the structure returned to sanitary conditions. Soft and porous materials that have been in direct contact with the sewage spillage may need to be discarded.

Surface samples are collected for analysis of sewage indicator bacteria. In large losses or confined spaces the sewage back flow can create hazardous levels of sewer gases, such as methane and hydrogen sulfide.

ET&T’s Sewage Spill Inspection Services

  • Assessment of areas affected by sewage contamination
  • Use of moisture meters to outline the water and sewer damage
  • Documentation of conditions, photo documentation and restoration methods
  • Collection of swab surface samples for E.coli and coliform bacteria
  • Methane and hydrogen sulfide testing
  • Bacterial analysis performed by an EMPAT certified laboratory
  • Written report including visual inspection, moisture measurements, photo documentation, laboratory results and repair recommendations if needed

Our sewage clearance testing and inspections includes a visual inspection to assure that the affected materials have been removed or properly cleaned, use of hand held moisture meters to verify that the building materials are dry, collection of surface samples to verify a return to a sanitary condition. ET&T assures you high a quality inspection, reliable results, proper documentation and professional support for your sewage spill project.

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