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Building Diagnostics & Construction Defect Inspection Services

Buildings are designed to provide shelter from the outdoor elements and to provide a safe and healthy indoor environment at work and home. If a building fails, the results can be structural damage, poor indoor air quality, health complaints, high absenteeism, and poor worker productivity, damage to belongings and manufactured goods, and costly remediation. ET&T has more than 25 years of experience in Building Diagnostics and construction defect investigations.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality can be affected by many environmental factors. Our Indoor Air Quality surveys are designed to meet each individual situation and may include moisture mapping, mold inspections, odor investigations, pressure differential evaluations, chemical, particle and soil vapor emission testing. We use state of the art instrumentation and sampling methods to address your concerns.

Vapor and Odor Emission

Chemical vapors and odors may migrate into building envelopes and then into our living and work spaces. We test for the common chemical compounds encountered including sewer gas odors and methane gas. We have one of the most sensitive hydrogen sulfide monitoring devices available. Soil gases may enter the building envelope during soil moving operations.

Building Pressurization Issues

We can determine if your indoor air quality is being affected by other locations in the building or the surrounding environment.  We use blower doors and assess the pressure differentials and air flow patterns within your living and work areas. Use of a duct blaster can help to identify leakage from heating ventilation and air conditioning ducts. By identifying and remediating HVAC leakage you can increase the heating and air conditioning efficiency leading to lower utility expenses.

LEED IAQ Testing

We conduct air monitoring for the 5 different air quality parameters required to obtain indoor air quality points for the LEED rating system. They are: Formaldehyde, Particulates (PM10), Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and 4-Phenylcyclohexene (4-PCH).

HVAC Systems

Heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are the lungs of a building and therefore, important for indoor air quality. We inspect, test and provide recommendations on how to maintain good air quality in your building.

Water Intrusions

Building envelopes are porous and can be affected by water and vapor intrusion. We provide moisture mapping through the use of appropriate moisture meters and infrared cameras. In conjunction with your contractor we document the effects of water spray testing. Calcium chloride testing can be utilized for slab vapor emission testing.

Mold Issues

Water intrusions can lead to mold growth. We can identify the extent and degree of mold growth; provide remediation specifications, project monitoring and supervision.

EMF and RF Testing

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) may interfere with sensitive electronic equipment. The installation of cellular transmission towers and antennas often raises concerns by employees and building owners. We provide the necessary testing and mitigation strategies to address these issues.

Practitioners of building diagnostics are called building diagnosticians and are equipped with the specialized knowledge and skills required. Let ET&T be your building diagnostician.

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