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Certified Asbestos & Lead Testing

We have State of California Certified Asbestos Consultant (CAC) and Lead Inspector/Assessor on staff. California has some of the most stringent asbestos and lead regulations in the nation and ET&T is here to assist you with your asbestos and lead projects. Asbestos can be present in all buildings. It is most likely present in buildings constructed prior to 1971 to 1978 when the first bans of asbestos containing products were initiated. Lead based paint is assumed to be present in buildings constructed before 1978 (San Diego 1979) if not tested and proven to be below 5000 ppm (1.0 mg/cm2 or 0.5% by weight). In the City of San Diego, the Municipal Code requires the implementation of Lead Safe work practices if the paint tests at or above 1000 ppm (0.5 mg/cm2). For more information on the San Diego Municipal Code, please visit:

Inspections and appropriate testing will assist in being compliant with the regulations and limits your and your clients liability. Any painting, repairs, remodeling, mold and sewage remediation activities potentially disturbs asbestos or lead in building materials. These activities may require an asbestos/lead inspection or clearance testing. ET&T is your one stop solution for asbestos, lead and mold testing.

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